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Metalas Cleaning Systems in a nutshell:

  • Established in 1961
  • 1300 m² production facility, 300m2 office space
  • Subsidiaries in Germany and the UK
  • Agents / Distributors all over the world
    The Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Turkey, Greece, Israel, United States of America, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa
  • Design and Development of machines
  • Production of machines in own facility
  • Service, Maintenance and Repairs
  • Component sales
  • Exclusieve representative of MecWash
  • Advice about and supply of cleaning agents
  • 21 specialised, trained and experienced employees
  • Over 2000 systems delivered wordwide
  • ‘Total Solution’  philosophy
  • Recognised training company, Kenteq certified
  • Convenient location near main motorways (A15, A16, A20) and harbours

Metalas Cleaning Systems, in detail.

Metalas was founded in 1961 as Metalas Holland BV, a producer of vapour gedreasing machines. In 2004, the name was changed to Metalas Cleaning Systems BV. Metalas has two subsidiaries in Germany and the UK. Headquarters is based in Vlaardingen, near Rotterdam. This is where the machines are developed and produced.

Metalas Cleaning Systems BV (MCS) is an international company, specialised in cleaning systems for industrial use. Owrldwide, the company delivers both customised and standard solutions in the field of cleaning, degreasing and surface treatment.

With over 50 years’ experience as a builder of machinery, Metalas is the leading Dutch manufacturer and supplier of high-quality machines for the cleaning of industrial components. Metalas supplies machinery throughout the world for a variety of purposes and to clients in sectors that put high demands on clean components so that they can provide their customers with superior quality products.

In order to offer you all the service you may need, Metalas works closely with a variety of manufacturers of cleaning systems such as MecWash Systems Ltd. and AquaSave (producer of liquid treatment equipment). These are all companies that produce superior quality and reliable systems. By sharing our knowledge with our partners, Metalas can always offer you the solution that meets your particular cleaning needs.

‘Total Solution’

Metalas Cleaning Systems is firmly committed to its ‘Total Solution’ philosophy. Because Metalas employs experienced, specialised and professional people and can count on over 50 years’ experience, our clients can be offered a total solution for all issues related to cleaning demands. For the purchase of (complex) machines trust is a prerequisite. Such confidence can be won by a demonstrated track record, extensive experience and excellent service. That is not limited to the actual cleaning process, but also entails the logistics surrounding the machine and how it fits into your process.Our approach meets the desire of our clients to work with as few suppliers as possible. With Metalas you have a single contact that can be of service in a variety of matters:

  • Design and development of cleaning machines
  • Production of standard and client specific machines
  • Advice about and supply of Cleaning agents
  • International Service and Maintenance
  • Sale of spare parts

Design and development
Based on their specific expertise of cleaning techniques, Metalas engineers consistently work on further development and innovation. That means that you can count on the very latest technology and intelligent solutions.

Metalas machines are manufactured on-site in our Vlaardingen facility. This makes it relatively easy for us to respond and adapr to your individual needs.

Cleaning agents
Metalas supplies machines, but also cleaning agents and will help you make the right choice for you. You will also receive the agent that best suits the components you need to clean and will enhance the performance  of your cleaning machine.

Service and Maintenance
Metalas maintenance and service engineers will support you in putting your machine into operation. They will also take care of preventative maintenance, which will increase the lifespan of your machine. Metalas will offer you the opportunity of entering into a service agreement, which will ensure your machine receives regular maintenance, and taking all the hassle off your hands.

Metalas machines are used in metal processing companies and revision and maintenance companies in a variety of sectors:

  • Metal processing sector
  • Automotive industry
  • Automotive ‘Remanufacturing
  • Motor vehicle and ship engine revision
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Surface treatment
  • Aviation
  • Shipping
  • Printing industry
  • Furniture sector
  • Machine construction
  • Electrotechnical industry
  • Defense industry
  • Transportation
  • Railways
  • Medical industry
  • Food sector

Metalas engineering talent training
Metalas Cleaning Systems is a registered ‘Certified Training Company’. At Metalas we believe that training young engineers is not just up to the government and educational institutes, but is also a responsibility that companies need to bear. Metalas has embraced this responsibility and offers students the opportunity of receiving the practical component of their training at our company. This ‘profession in practice’ course can be completed with Metalas, as we have been awarded the required Kenteq certification. This means that Metalas meets all the legal quality criteria.


Students aged 16 and older can be trained to become true tradesman at Metalas. They are given guidance in the production process by trained and qualified employees. These practical teachers are experienced engineers who will teach the students the tricks of the trade. The students follow vocational training, and work alongside fully qualified employees in the production line. This ‘on the job’ training offers them the opportunity to learn the craft, with all the responsiblities the position entails.

Tech Circle Nieuwe Waterweg Noord.
Metalas Cleaning Systems is a member of Tech Circle Nieuwe Waterweg Noord (NWN). This joint initiative by Entrepreneurs, Education Institutes, Government, Parents and Students aims to promote engineering training and to encourage its alignment with the labour market and business demands. Currently over 50 companies, 14 education institutes and 3 governmental agencies have joined TEch Circle NWN. The participants have accepted the responsibility for creating a bright future for youths, schools and businesses in the area. The Nieuwe Waterweg Noord region is our working area, and the municipalities of Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Maassluis lend support to this initiative.

The Tech Circle NWN has three main focal points for the coming years:

1.       Promotion of engineering studies in middle and high schools.

2.       Greater influx of students for engineering education and more graduates.

3.       Good alignment between engineering education and the labour market.