Metalas on Marine Maintenance World Expo 2015 in Antwerp!

Metalas Cleaning Systems will present themselves for the first time on Marine Maintenance World Expo 2015 in Antwerp. The Dutch company Metalas Cleaning Systems, also known as Metalas, has been designing and manufacturing aqueous washing equipment for over 50 years. Metalas can offer  a “Total Solution” which includes advice, machines, chemicals and service & maintenance.

Metalas equipment is installed in many Marine Maintenance and Repair workshops all over the world. Also metal machining workshops use their equipment.  Metalas offers a wide range of reliable and high-quality machines such as

·         Rotary Spray Washers

·         Immersion Dip Tanks

·         Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

·         Multi-stage Surface Treatment Systems

·         Bespoke Systems.

Recently Metalas has redesigned and further improved their standard range of front loader machines, using the experience that has been built up over the years.  This is one of the reasons why Metalas  wants to show the Marine Industry what they are capable of. The focus on the redesign of the machine has been on Energy savings, Process improvement, but also Ergonomics and Styling. The result is the MMD-series with machines in different sizes for many different applications.

Another reason is that Metalas wants to show  the advantages of aqueous automatic parts cleaning of engineering components such as parts of marine engines, valves, gearboxes, transmissions, hydraulics and more…

Metalas Cleaning Systems will have a running machine on their stand to show the principles of automatic aqueous parts cleaning.  Their complete product range is presented in an interactive way using a digi-board.  Are you curious……?  Come and visit us on stand  1095.