Metalas Products

Metalas Cleaning Systems is specialised in designing and producing a range of machines for the cleaning and degreasing of metal and synthetic components. Metalas machines are characterised by their powerful, excellent cleaning properties and the use of warm water with a cleaning agent which means that the cleaning process is safe, sustainable and environmentally sound without the use of hazardous solventsMetalas sells its high quality machines worldwide for a variety of applications. Metalas supplies its systems to companies that work in sectors where efficiency and clean components are an important factor in achieving high quality levels. Metalas machines can contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility policy. Read more »

Metalas machines are used in the production processes where the cleanliness of machines or components is essential. The environments in which the machines are used are mainly:

  • Maintenance, repair and revision workshops in all sectors
  • Metal working companies for the production and machining of metal or synthetic components
  • Paint workshops for painting metal products
  • Factories for the production and printing of packaging materials (paper, corrugated cardboard, cans)