How can you determine which machine best suits your needs?

We would like to help you find the perfect solution for your cleaning requirements. Implementing a solution starts with selecting the right machine. Reading this page will help you to clearly identify what kind of machine best suits your needs. The following questions will help you determine which machine is right for you:

First, the theory behind cleaning, defined by the Sinner Circle.

The result of a cleaning process depends on four factors:

  • Time
  • Mechanical Action
  • Temperature
  • Chemical Action

German scientist Dr. Herbert Sinner found a simple way to illustrate the theory behind cleaning mehods. By dividing a circle into four equal parts (figure 1) it becomes evident that increasing or decreasing the size of one of those parts immediately affects the remaining shares. For example, reducing the duration – time – of the treatment (figure 2) immediately increases the required force of the mechanical action. The result is a shorter run time. By variations within the different factors, an optimum cleaning result can be achieved.

Figuur 1 - Sinner Circle Figuur 2 - Sinner Circle