Launch of new machine concept!

Recently Metalas has redesigned and further improved their standard range of front loader machines, using the experience that has been built up over the years.  The focus on the redesign of the machine has been on Energy savings, Process improvement, but also Ergonomics and Styling.

The full stainless steel MMD model, which stands for Metalas Modular Design, is constructed using a modular concept. This means that within the same design different machine configurations can be achieved. Whether it’s a single tank machine for efficient degreasing, a machine with multiple tanks for cleaning or a surface treatment process, it is all possible within the same, reliable concept. The model MMD (type front loader) is designed for all types of spray-washing, degreasing and extensive customer-specific process applications and can be configured to meet customers’ demands.

Different functionalities have been integrated into one solution. A noticeable example of which is the smart combination of chassis – integrated drip tray – forklift lifting provision. This makes the drip tray part of the machine’s standard equipment. Another example concerns the doors and maintenance hatches which have a sandwich construction, and as a result of which they provide optimum insulation, are very light and are therefore very easy to handle.

Every innovation should have advantages that should be beneficial to the user, his or her surroundings and the environment. This approach has resulted in a modern machine with sleek lines and extensive standard equipment. A machine designed for the future.